24-hour coding marathon around the future of photography and visual culture


Photo Hack Day is a 24-hour coding marathon where developers, designers, makers and visual artists come together to rapidly prototype new photo applications.

Powered by lightning fast internet, great food and tons of coffee, we’ll hack the future of photography. Big prizes, an international jury and recognition within the community are waiting for you.

You can get your tickets for the event on our event website.

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Who Can Participate?

1. The event is open to registered participants of the event who are at least 18. Participants under the age of 18 should be registered and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

2. There is no purchase necessary to enter the event but only entries from registered, eligible participants can be considered by the jury 


What teams will submit on Sunday (if all goes well):

  • A functioning software application (mobile/web), web service, hardware prototype (that is connected through a service).
  • Slidedeck 5 slides about the thinking and process (for judges, you won't present the slides on stage, only the hack)
  • 5 screenshots (HD resolution) of the product/service (video = bonus points). This can be a Vine-style MVP demonstration. 
  • On-stage demo as part of the submission that clearly showcases and demonstrates the appliation and user experience of the software application, prototype and/or service.

How to enter

Photo Hack Day will be held at Colonia Nova starting on November 28-29, 2015. Prior to the start time, you must be registered to participate in Photo Hack Day online at http://www.photohackday.com Participants under the age of 18 should be registered and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Teams consist out of 3 - 5 people and can be formed either in advance or during the event.

We have three target groups for this event:

DEVELOPERS, DESIGNERS, ARTISTS/CREATIVES – Tickets are only for hackers who wish to participate and work on hack projects to present. If you are not working on a project please register for a SPECTATOR Ticket. Tickets are available on a limited basis (max. 150 people). 

SPONSORS & API PARTNERS – There are many ways for companies to partner with the Hackathon. To learn how you can provide support for the developer community, please contact sponsor@imagingmind.com

SPECTATORS – Tickets for everyone who does not participate as either hacker or sponsor will be for sale but you will have to buy one in advance.


Alberto Spinelli

Alberto Spinelli
Digital Services Director @ Canon Europe

Ramzi Rizk

Ramzi Rizk
CTO @ EyeEm

Sven Ehmann

Sven Ehmann
Creative Director @ gestalten

Nancy Birkhölzer

Nancy Birkhölzer
Managing Director @ IXDS

Julia Kloiber

Julia Kloiber
Open Knowledge Foundation Germany

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity – the WOW factor
    Is it an amazing, original and innovative idea?
  • Positive Impact / Value
    The scale of the potential positive impact on the lives of people. "Enriching lives through imaging" is what this criteria is all about.
  • User Interface & Design
    Does the entry have an user interface & experience that is gorgeous, easy to use and fast?
  • Technical Difficulty
    Is the entry technically interesting or difficult? Were there real technical challenges to surmount?